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YunRui is currently active in four specific markets: Commercial Cooling Tower, Industrial Water Treatment, Agriculture and Aquaculture. It is our goal to help you grow your business by giving you an opportunity to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to water treatment for your current and potential clients.

We have built and continue to grow our Dealer network around companies and people with industry experience and knowledge.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer for YunRui water treatment equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Features&Advantage of YunRui Descaling Water Treatment System

※Descaling & Cleaning Rust of Circulating Water: the use of high frequency vibration wave separates water molecules into small molecules of water masses ( by the water molecules consisting of 5 or less energy of water masses ) and small molecules of water masses circulating through the flow of water , and gradually the pipeline as well as the body of water itself rust components were dissolved ions are reduced and then by adsorption of rust and other network components of the ions adsorb collect , play the role of cleaning rust;

※Long-term Effective Disinfection & Sterilization: A certain percentage of copper and silver ions are released by the certain alloy in the generator, which play the role of sterilization and disinfection;

※Energy Saving: By cleaning the interior core pipe rust to improve work efficiency, then to save energy;

※Environmental Emissions, No Secondary Pollution: Physical methods to remove rust, reduce emissions of chemicals and waste water use, to achieve the purpose of environmental emissions, no secondary pollution.

Why Choose YunRui Descaling System

※Highly integrated high-tech products, easy to install, while with powerful treatment effect

※No magnetic field, electric field impact or harmonic, does not affect customer's precision equipment;

※Pure physical treatment, sustained, stable, secure, and reliable;

※Long-term use of circulating water, no drainage, no sewage, fully meet the emission reduction & environmental protection

※Energy saving by removing rust, reducing energy consumption for customers; Disinfection and sterilization to keep the water clean.