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Automatic Descaling Water Treatment Equipment

Based on the electrolytic principle and polar water molecules theory, YunRui invented this pantented automatic electrochemical descaling water treatment equipment. Cooperated with well-known universities & research institution, Yunrui perfected this equipment after years of research and field testing.YunRui automatic descaling device intergrated Descaling,Rust Inhibition, Sterilization, long-term biocide, energy conservation and automatic cleanup as a whole, to solve the water issues by a single device, thus replace traditional circulating water descaling treatment.

Pre-descaling techniques

Through electrolysis, the scale ions in the water will be precipitated on the cathode surface and then be removed by the scrapper. Electrolysis reaction chamber maintained a certain current, a number of high concentration of hydroxide ions are formed close to the cathode (reaction chamber wall), such elevated pH environment (pH about 13) will make easy scaling of scaling minerals and precipitated from water, adsorbed on electrolytic reaction chamber wall. Under automatic control system, the scraper will scrape down the scales and automatically discharged.

Corrosion Mitigation Technology

Electrolysis reaction chamber is connected with the pipe, play cathodic protection. Active substance (active oxygen and hydroxyl radicals) produced in the electrolysis apparatus pipe wall to form a protective film, the isolation wall oxygen and oxidation corrosion. This process is fully automatic operation, automatically adapt to changes in water quality, to achieve corrosion inhibition.

Sterilization Technology

A large number of O3、OH-、O-2、H2O2、1O2 are released while functioning, which has a strong bactericidal effect. Together with the patented copper & silver ion collector, 99.8% of the bacteria and algae in water will be removed, including Legionella.

Automatic Cleaning Process

When there are certain amount of deposition of scale on the inner wall of the reaction chamber cathode, the scraper, scraper drive, sewage valve will have linkage effect, and automatically scrape the deposition and other dirts from the wall of the reaction chamber, then discharge from the drain valve. Automatic cleaning device will run automatically according to the actual situation, once a day or more times.