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Based on electrochemical principle, an anodic oxidation reaction zone and a cathodic reduction reaction zone are created separately in electrolysis reaction chambers. Scales will be deposited on the surface of the cathode; sterilization fungicide like free chlorine and ozone are generated in the anode area without any chemicals, to prevent biological contamination, kill Legionella, and pipeline corrosion mitigation.

Chemical Reaction on Cathode:

A high concentration of Hydroxide is formed at the cathode, and the elevated pH environment(pH about 13), is easy for the mineral pre-scaling, which will remove calcium and magnesium ions, and to form Ca(OH)2 (Scale), CaCO3 (Scale).

Chemical Reaction on Anode:

In the anode area, the chlorine ions will be converted into free chlorine, while ozone is generated, to achieve the sterilization effect.

Features & Advantages

1. Anti-fouling & Descaling

Calcium and magnesium ions are adsorbed, and are visible to the naked eye, which dramatically reducing the risk of fouling in heat exchanger. By take taking the mesh out, the scales adsorbed and rust will be removed from the water, without drainage. So that the heat exchange surface is always at perfect state, which will improve heat exchange efficiency.

2. Rust-removal & Corrosion Mitigation

Electrolysis reaction chamber is connected with the pipe, play the role of cathodic protection, which solve the water problem of red rust, thus extend use-life of pipes and heat exchangers.

3. Sterilization

A large number of O3、OH-、O-2、H2O2、1O2 are released while functioning, which has a strong bactericidal effect. Together with the patented copper & silver ion collector, 99.8% of the bacteria and algae in water will be removed, including Legionella. Comprehensive prevention and control of biological pollution, protecting human health, improving safety performance, improve the cooling efficiency.

4. Algae Eliminating

A number of copper and silver ions will be released from the internal generator, which is made from certain alloys. The algae in water will be removed.

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