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Waterborne illness from microbial growth in water distribution systems is a real threat to water safety especially in high risk environments such as hospitals, commercial buildings. YunRui's patented descaling device for legionella water treatment and secondary disinfection can help eradicate biofilm that can harbor Legionella and other microorganisms without the use of Chlorine Dioxide. YunRui improve workplace and living place safety by eliminating the handling and storage of hazardous chemicals while maintaining steady disinfection residuals.


A large number of O3、OH-、O-2、H2O2、O2 are released while functioning, which has a strong bactericidal effect. Together with the patented copper & silver ion collector, 99.8% of the bacteria and algae in water will be removed, including Legionella. Comprehensive prevention and control of biological pollution, protecting human health, improving safety performance, improve the cooling efficiency.

Legionella outbreaks have been linked to hot tubs, cooling towers, decorative fountains and potable water used for drinking and showering. Hot spots for legionella include any place where untreated (or under-treated) water is warm and where it is possible for it to become aerosolized or misted.  Cooling towers are of particular concern because they contain pools of warm water that are open to the atmosphere and present perfect breeding grounds for Legionella bacteria if they are not properly cleaned, disinfected and maintained.  Furthermore, cooling towers operate by diffusing heat and evaporated water out the top of the tower in the form of a fine mist, which may contain Legionella and other microorganisms brought in by circulating air or water.  It is for this reason that cooling towers should never be installed next to air intakes or windows that may be opened.  Major warning signs that a cooling tower is not properly treated with water treatment chemicals are if algae or scale are present in the tower.

YunRui is extremely effective at killing planktonic (free-floating) Legionella at concentrations between 0.5 - 4 mg/L, which work in conjunction to break up and remove biofilm, which is key in keeping legionella under control. Legionella itself is easy to kill in free-floating form, but tends to harbor in biofilm. When the biofilm sloughs off, it carries the Legionella with it, which can then be aerosolized in air-conditioning cooling systems, cooling towers, showers, spas, etc.