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YunRui® provides water treatment solutions to the food, beverage and farming industries. A single on-site generator can effectively treat multiple applications at once using just salt, water and electricity. Our team designs custom solutions to deliver safe, effective, and economically attractive alternatives to minimize or eliminate the use of expensive and hazardous delivered chemicals. By partnering with YunRui®, our customers experience a bottom line savings and operational efficiency, keeping operations running flawlessly.

YunRui® significantly decreases bacteria including coliform, E.coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and other bacterias that affect chicken health. By cleaning water lines and cooling pads and preventing cross-contamination, poultry farms using YunRui® have decreased or completely eliminated antibiotics consumption.

Drinking Water Disinfection & Sanitation
Cooling Pad Water Treatment
Water Line & Nipple Line Cleaning
Biofilm Removal
Poultry House & Equipment Disinfection
Footbath & Surface Sanitation