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YunRui brings new technology to an old problem in cooling system – scaling&fouling. Our state-of-the-art electrolytic descaling equipment improve facility safety and produce more effective water treatment while saving you money. Legionella, often found in cooling towers and HVAC systems, associates with biofilm, which continuously erodes and disperses through the water system during normal operation.

YuiRui has a proven track record of improving disinfectant performance in a broad spectrum of applications.




YunRui delivers smarter cooling tower water treatment solutions to improve cooling tower efficiency and safety, all at a lower cost than conventional biocide treatment methods. YunRui's patented descaling devices are available in sizes to fit every application. Our on-demand chemistries have a proven track record for scale-removal, legionella prevention, biofilm removal, and inactivation of other performance-inhibiting waterborne organisms. YunRui uses a proprietary electrolytic process, removes biofilm and improves cooling system performance.