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YunRui Water Technology started business in the commercial building cooling tower sector, replacing traditional chemical treatments with our system to kill reduce scale, bacteria, and reduce corrosion. Our customers have realized more efficient cooling towers with decreased calcium scaling, leading to lower water and electricity usage. We have since expanded to industrial cooling towers, which are similar to commercial cooling towers, but run on a much larger scale. We also entered into the agriculture market by treating livestock drinking water for dairy and feedlot cattle, pigs, chicken, turkey, and several other livestock animals to provide cleaner, healthier water. We also treat the water used in shrimp aquaculture to kill Vibrio parahaemolyticus, a lethal bacteria devastating the shrimp farming industry.

Commercial Cooling

The benefits of installing YunRui Water Treatment system go beyond providing a safer, more efficient solution than traditional chemical treatment methods. For a price that is comparable to traditional water treatment systems, YunRui system minimizes water use, reduces maintenance, and provides significant energy savings.

The Advantage:

Eliminate traditional chemical pumps and setups to treat your cooling tower water. YunRui system is installed in less than a day and with no disruption to HVAC or electrical systems. Once installed, you will no longer have to purchase or handle expensive and hazardous chemicals and you will see reductions in:

We conducted a study to determine the efficacy of the YunRui Water Treatment system in cooling towers compared to certain non-chemical devices. YunRui demonstrated it was the most effective biocide of all systems tested, killing 98.8% of bacteria in the water and significantly reducing the presence of legionella in the water, which will contribute to legionella prevention and mitigating outbreaks.

Industrial Cooling

We have the ability to scale our technology to suit any amount of water usage, which can lead to a significant carbon footprint reduction for industrial-sized facilities. Without the need to purchase, store, transport, or handle hundreds of gallons of hazardous chemicals on a monthly basis, operators can treat cooling water, scrubbers, and other water systems that require oxidation with YunRui Water Treatment system.

The Advantage:

Besides eliminating the need to use hundreds of gallons of hazardous chemicals each month, the YunRui Water Treatment system will:

kill bacteria and biological

reduce and prevent scaling

maintain corrosion rates

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Silver Bullet Water Treatment Agricultural Services treats animal drinking water without adding toxic chemicals. Water is the most important element in raising productive, healthy livestock. Untreated or poorly treated drinking water can carry bacteria, fungi and parasites and can cause disease or death. The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system is rented monthly to provide a safe and efficient system for livestock drinking water.

The Advantage:

YunRui is currently treating the drinking water for a variety of animals across North America and has quickly become a popular product for agriculture equipment. YunRui is currently being used in feedlot and dairy farming, poultry farming, pig farming, and several other types of livestock farms. All animals benefit from water with the lowest level of contaminants.

drastically reduces microorganism

is odorless and has no taste

can lead to healthier, more productive animals

Piglets Drinking

Aside from providing clean water to your livestock,  YunRui reduces and prevents scaling from occurring in pipes and nipple drinkers on your farm’s water system. This eliminates any need to clear out lines using harsh chemicals.


For the past several years, the shrimp farming and aquaculture industry has suffered dramatically from a deadly pathogen leading to Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) in shrimp. EMS causes tissue destruction and dysfunction to shrimp digestive organs, causing death. The bacterium leading to EMS is called Vibrio parahaemolyticus, discovered by Donald Lightner of the University of Arizona and his Pathology Lab.

The Advantage:

YunRui systems are a proven method for treating water containing this type of bacteria. Lightner conducted research on the YunRui and its efficacy in killing the Vibrio p. bacterium. Lightner found that the YunRui significantly reduced the level of Vibrio p. in the water and greatly increased shrimp survival rates. Further research by other third-party laboratories, such as the Federal Research Center on Nutrition and Development (CIAD) in Sinaloa, Mexico, found similar results in the reduction of the deadly bacterium and increased survival rates. The majority of the tests concluded with shrimp survival rates exceeding 90%. Without YunRui, survival rates were typically around 20%-40%.

Waste Water Treatment

YunRui has developed multiple process and waste water treatments that have been used in hundreds of applications. Whether you run a municipal waste water plant or have a specialized industrial application, we can help. We have experience in process and waste water in power plants, sewage treatment facilities, paper & pulp plants, metal recovery plants, food manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical plants and much more.

Our biggest advantage is our superior product line, and our second biggest advantage is that we simply understand how to help save money in these types of facilities. Contact us to introduce you to our complete line of waste water products today.