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Meet YunRui
Suzhou YunRui Water Technology Co.,Ltd has been an innovative technology licensing and manufacturing company that develops and supplies water treatment equipment & solutions for global markets, since 2012. YunRui has been applying water technology to conserve water, maximize energy efficiency, reduce chemical handling and minimize environmental impact. 

Introduced by the advanced technology and products from Japan, Germany and U.S., and working close with leaders in water industry, Universities & Institutes and environmental organizations, YunRui has developed innovative technologies and services to enable more environmentally responsible water treatment solutions. YunRui's most recent "eco-technology" breakthrough is Electrochemical Descaling Water Treatment System, with zero emissions, energy savings of 10-20%.

Main Product Range
※Electrochemical Descaling Water Treatment System - a patented system which prevents scaling, bio fouling, microorganism growth, inhibits corrosion, produces oxidants in the water and prevents the spread of harmful bacteria like Legionella.

※Spare Parts - YunRui does not only supply equipment, but also provide full range spare parts for water treatment systems we sell. 

※OEM Service - YunRui offers OEM service as well: we could design and fabricate prodcuts to the provided specifications and requirements. 

As water becomes an increasingly precious resource, it is apparent that a new water treatment standard is needed: A new water treatment standard for scale, corrosion and biological control; for sustainability; for water conservation; for heat transfer efficiency; for non-chemical strategies that actually work; for pre-treatment equipment that minimizes chemical usage and reduces water consumption. 

That new water quality standard starts at YunRui!